Saturday, October 26, 2013

Annie Makes It.

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Faith in Your Children

We have always talked with our children about God. We have prayed over them multiple times a day, we have prayed with them, we have asked them to pray. We have told them that God always hears them, that God is always with them. And most of all we have told them that God loves them even more than we love them. We have talked about Jesus giving his life on the cross so that we can go to Heaven. We have talked about how Jesus lived again and went to Heaven with God. We have even talked about how you can have God in your heart and how he wants us to be obedient and loving. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is simple, but I am still amazed at the questions they ask and how much they actually do understand during these conversations.

We have just recently started working through a great little preschool curriculum with Avalyn and Harper. They both enjoy the directed activity time but it has opened up some great conversations already with Avalyn and me. We were talking about the letter a this week and the story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. As we were learning about the consequences of them eating the fruit we talked about sin and how Adam and Eve tried to hide from God when he came to them because they knew they had been disobedient. We started talking about how God is always with us and knows what we do so we don't need to hide from him. He is always there, nothing is hidden from him.

At that moment I saw a little light click on in Avalyn's eyes and she realized, "But I can't see God." The pleading in her eyes and voice to understand this.

I know you can't see Him and I can't see Him either but we know he is with us. I know he is always with me, helping me when I need help. Giving me what I need. Showing me the way. When we ask him to be in our heart he is there. With us. Always. Forever. 

A slight smile starts and she pats her chest, "I know he is always with me."

And now how to explain happy tears to your kid...