Sunday, February 11, 2007

The story

So the number one question I've found to be asked in the 23.10 hours we have been engaged is, "How did he do it?!?". So here it is for you all...

It all started about a year and a half ago when Pierced Chapel had a service outside in Ute Valley Park one Sunday evening. I was sitting on a rock with a couple buddies of mine when my friend Allison brought over a very attractive young lady to introduce to me. We met and didn't really think too much about it, then a camping trip, a pursuit, a DTR, some dates, and that pretty much brings us up to speed.
It was Saturday, February 10th on an unusually warm and sunny day. I had gotten off work that morning and we met up at the gym for a couple hours, parted our ways, then met back up around 2:30 in the afternoon. With a subterfuge based calm, I suggested we take the afternoon easy, maybe go for a hike, and have a nice dinner out on the town. We drove to my house on the west side of town, which is walking distance from Ute Valley, parked my truck, and walked to the park. I brought my backpack/pre-rigged secret cache consisting of: a bowl, two towels, Nalgene full of warm water, ring, iPod, and Bible. We started up the muddy ice/slushy mud laden trail to the very place we met (and had our first kiss/night hike). When we got to a certain rock, Annie pointed out the fact that that was the rock I was sitting on when we met. So, I had her sit down, close her eyes, and plug her ears. (Ps...the sun was just setting behind Pikes Peak) I nervously pulled out the bowl, placed a towel in the bottom, filled it with warm water and prepared a second towel. I had her open her eyes as I pulled off her shoes, hoping she didn't notice my hands shaking too badly. As I proceeded to wash her feet, I explained (neither of us can really remember what exactly I said) how Jesus showed His disciples what service and love means when he washed their feet, which is given to us by the cross. Because of this, we have an example of what love means so we can love one another purely. Then I talked about us specifically (sorry, that stays between us!) As I rounded the end of the "speech" I dried her feet and removed the towel in the bottom of the bowl to expose the ring that had been hiding there the whole time. I asked, she screamed, tackled me, laughed and cried all at the same time and managed to get a "YES!!" in there somewhere. I was PLANNING on having us dance to a little Coldplay via my iPod, but of course it was dead. Even with that, IT WAS AMAZING!!!---definitely recommend getting engaged.
That's not the end of the day, though. When we got back and were making our "we're engaged!" phone calls, we drove to her house, giggling and shaking the whole way. Now we needed to change for our night out. Not really knowing what to wear, she got in her room to find a new dress and jewelry waiting for her. fits! Side for a dress was just as scary as shopping for a ring! So, we got all fancied up and made the stop to my parent's house for the announcement and pictures. After that we had an amazing dinner at Sonterra Grill downtown, where there were Gerbera Daisies already waiting for her on the table (I had a busy afternoon).
That's the basic down and dirty on the story. She tells it much better, so you should ask her for the details. Stay tuned for more stories!



  1. Very, very cute. Lauren and I are very excited for the two of you. I hope you guys have a lot of fun.

  2. Congrats Annie. Now all the when are you going to have kids questions can start. I love you.

    Uncle Brian

  3. I am sooo happy for you guys. I love you both and wish the best for you and that God will continues to bless your engagement as he has blessed your relationship.

  4. Annie & Josh!

    Congratulations!!! God will bless you both! Oh, and Uncle Brian is right, how long before you plan on babies? (LOL) Just kidding!

    Love, Aunt Marj

  5. I can't tell you how exciting it is for me to hear the news. I suppose it is now the time to find old embarassing pictures of Annie growing up and show them to Josh.