Thursday, February 7, 2008


Have you ever been to the ER? Well in case you haven't, let me tell you, it is nothing like the TV show.
Last night we spent the evening in the ER with my sister. Everything ended up being fine. In the meantime, while Josh and I sat in the waiting room (almost 4 hours) I couldn't help but think about how fake that TV show now seems. :) Ok, I am sure some ER's are crazy with gun shot wounds coming in, screaming mothers with their unconscious babies, men collapsing as they fill out their paperwork, and of course people being brought in from the ambulance right through the main waiting area.
I learned (from my wonderful public servant husband) that there is actually a separate entrance for ambulances and those kind of urgent deals. I also learned that the majority of people who come in are mothers with their newborn or less than 2-years old children who have fevers or who have done things such as stick a screw up their nose.
A positive note from the evening, I have almost finished knitting the Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ). I have yet to determine what size baby it will fit when it is finished. All I know is it will be done in time for the shower this weekend!
Ok, have a great day and I hope you don't have to go to the ER anytime soon. If you do, be prepared , take some reading or something to do such as a knitting project!

Other fun things coming up: dog party! Charlie's siblings from her parent's previous litter will be turning 1. There will be a reunion of sorts with the 1-year olds, 5-month olds and I am sure many other non-related friendly dogs. I am sure there will be pictures.


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