Monday, March 16, 2009

29 weeks!

My first baby...still trying to figure out how she will handle the change of sharing the attention!

Taking a little break because that is how we do now. =)

Well here we are at 29 weeks.
We went for a hike today and then did some cooking. It was a lot of fun. Baby Girl has been a lot more active lately so that has been way cool.
In the past week I think I have counted:
10 frog kicks
2,768 alternating leg stretches
20 hand waves
2 hiccups
87 rib kicks

We also got to see her (briefly) in 3-d last week. She was pretty shy but it was fun to see what we were able to see. She only showed about half her face at a time but we could see a very active mouth and some little eye lashes. Also looks like she is getting some round cheeks already!
On other fronts, ankles have started to swell so I have been trying to consume amazing amounts of water!

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