Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A virtual tour of the nursery. Hope you enjoy! Here is our wonderful rocking chair from Grandpa and Grandma Miller! This is standing in the doorway looking to your left.Here is the rest of the crib, this is from Grandma and Grandpa Easterling! The photos are photos of the baby and our friends so at this point it is all photos of me with people! We will trade these out with updated photos of special people as she grows. The "old" photos will then go in her scrapbook! Also we will take out the stuffed animals once she is actually using the crib!

That changing table, what a steal! We were given the bookcase from some wonderful friends and had planned to use it as a changing table but then did not have quite enough room on top for a changing pad and all the supplies so I commissioned Josh to make a box on top of it! He did a great job and I think it is awesome!What's in all those cubbies?? DIAPERS! WIPES! BLANKETS! Here is a close up of our diaper stash: prefolds, fitteds, and disposables.
Some of her toys and blankets!Dresser full of clothes and other stuff. This girl is way blessed in the clothing department, I can't wait to bless others the way we have been blessed with hand-me-downs. God is so good!This is the closet with more clothing...that is just newborn, 0-3's and 3-6's. The rest are stored under her crib. Like I said, we are so blessed. Below that is the hamper and obviously the exit. :)Now her book stash is pretty small at this point but we plan to remedy that with some garage sale-ing this summer! I already got about 20 books at a garage sale last weekend, it was great! She also has a Webkinz black you think we should start that once she is born? I think you can track it on a website or something...not totally sure. :)
This is the whole stinking huge bookshelf that Josh made. He is such a great guy! I guess it's not very nice that we only give the babe one shelf but we have a lot of books for us!!
Hope you enjoyed the tour! She will be here soon and I am sure there will be tons more pictures!


  1. I love this room, it is gorgeous!! You have done a great job and the purple is lovely, I wished it was used more for girls!!

  2. I love the purple and brown! Too cute!

  3. Great room. I love the lavender walls!