Wednesday, May 23, 2007

100 Hundred Days!

Let the official countdown begin! We will be married in 100 days from today!
Ok, maybe you don't want to join the countdown with us but we are counting down the days. Lots of our friends told us the time would fly by but we have all too quickly realized that the days are actually crawling by about as fast as a snail.
The plans are being finalized and really all we have left are the little details.

An important note to the out-of-staters: please make your hotel reservations soon. We have reserved a block of rooms at The Academy Hotel Best Western. You can call them at 800.766.8524. Be sure to mention you are with the Miller-Easterling wedding when you call them as we have contracted a lower price for that weekend.
A word to you who may not make your reservations in time or try to stay somewhere is also the US Air Force Academy Parent's Weekend so most of the hotels in the city are already booked full. If you don't get in our room block you will probably have a hard time finding another place to stay at a reasonable price. The Academy provides a shuttle from the airport to the hotel and also has an Enterprise rental car counter on site. The reception will be held at The Academy as well so why not stay there?? =)

Ok, have a great day!


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  1. Only 100 days? It seems like less than 100 days since I was teaching you how to repel out of a tree or jump from a parachute training tower back at Ft. Bragg. You have grown into a great young man and you have met a very wonderful young woman. I couldn't be happier or more proud of you both. Love to each of you!