Sunday, May 6, 2007


We don't have his permission, so Chris if you are reading this....sorry. I'm going to throw out a plug for Chris Tschamler. He designed our Save the Date cards which most of you have probably received by now. We are really happy with how they turned out and if you are interested in having something created by hand, by a good designer, he is your man. His company is Tscha*ching Design. He puts a lot of time and great care into what you want, so you know you will get great work. Anyways, just want to throw that out there.

Update on the wedding planning...

We are in full swing of getting details ironed out and ready to go. As you married folks know, planning is exciting and very involved at the same, so we're just learning how to deal with everything and have fun in the process. It's going to be fun and we love y'all and everything, but I know we are both going to enjoy sitting on the beach in Belize the next evening watching the sun set over the most coveted dive waters in the world. Yes.

We'll keep you posted!



  1. Hey guys! Congratulations! We are so excited for you both. All the plans will come into place. Just try to enjoy it as much as possible. But, I am not going to lie, the honeymoon is the best! (No Vegas for guys?!?! I have noticed that nobody has followed in our footsteps with that) Anyways, we wish you guys the best of luck and defiantly want to keep in touch. Be sure to check out our blog!
    Paul and Erin Stroup

  2. Oh man, true. Those STD cards were off the heezie...
    That designer of yours is wicked-good. Everyone should contact him and pay him lots of money to design stuff for them!

  3. I LOVED the save the date card! It was so beautiful. Kudos to the designer.