Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Some of you know how much I enjoy our dog. Some of you didn't know but now you do. I must confess I never was really into dogs but then Josh really wanted a dog and I finally gave in and I decided I wanted a black dog even though he wanted a yellow dog. For real. I like black more than yellow.

So I won out because when we finally decided it was the right time to get a pup and found the right one, the only one left from the litter was this beautiful black lab! Now, I can't believe I never wanted a dog before! I actually want another one when she gets a little older.

This past weekend Charlie got a bath. We re-installed the sprayer showerhead just for her. Actually it made our lives MUCH easier. After we got her all blow-dried I put on her little bandana and asked her if she wanted to get her picture taken. (Yes, I think it is totally fine to talk to dogs because sometimes they seem to understand you.) These are a few pictures from her photo shoot. I am not kidding you, I asked about the picture and then she sat like this. She did a couple other poses around the living room but I was too blasted shaky to capture them all in a decent manner.


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  1. um seriously princess is adorable I can't believe she posed like that. How cute