Friday, May 23, 2008

Rock on

Today marked the third completed week of working out. We decided to push reward ourselves just a little more than usual and ran a complete 5K this morning. Now when I say ran a complete 5K I do mean that we ran the whole time. That is the first time ever I have done that. And the first time for Lacey. And it was easier than we thought! We were both done in less than 37 minutes. This means we were keeping about a 12-minute pace. That is pretty good considering for me I have only been running again, for real now, for 2.5 weeks. This working out bit is really all that is new in my life right now so I am sorry to turn this into a health diary blog. But it is just so exciting to push yourself and see that you can do things that you didn't think possible!

Ok, end of health blog. Now I have a thought to write about.

I am the kind of person who just loves to see someone succeed. Now I am never surprised when I see someone else succeed at something I am just filled with joy! When I succeed at something I tend to get a little surprised, overwhelmed, scared, excited. Weird range of emotions, I know. Welcome to my crazy mind. I get surprised because I tend to want the easy way out sometimes and success does not always allow you to take the easy way out. I get overwhelmed because then I start thinking about what I did to get to this point and sometimes I am just overwhelmed at what God can do with me. Then I get scared because I start thinking, "Ok, well I made it here and now that means I have to either stay here in this success or keep moving forward." And that requires more work. Then eventually I do get excited about my success because I think, "Wow, God has brought me this far and he is going to keep bringing me this far, then a little bit more, then a little bit more." Because you know, He's cool like that; he gives us what we can handle and a desire to know Him more which in turn brings us to desire more, more, more of His plan! I really do believe that ALL things are possible through Christ. I also believe that He who started this great work called my life will be faithful to complete the work that He started. I will never be incomplete. I used to be very quick to believe this for other people but very slow to believe it for myself. So slow that I wouldn't believe it but you know what—one day, I don't remember when, it made sense to believe this for myself before I pushed someone else to believe it.

I hope that you have seen success in your life and most of all in your walk with God. I also challenge you to reflect this weekend on what God has done to bring you to this point in your life. If you're not able to think about that maybe you want to ask God to meet you here at this point in your life and see just what he has in plan for you. I am positive it includes great things.



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  1. Okay, just a note to say God has helped me to succeed in my faith walk by making a commitment to be in the WORD everyday, and sometimes just for fun! This week I have been camping in Ps 34. Awesome, simply awesome. Love ya sweeties, Mom