Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yes, I know how to type also

Wow. I haven't posted since, I think, we were engaged....over a year ago.I actually had to ask Annie the other day HOW TO GET TO our blog. I'm a bad e-husband.
Tonight I have the evening to myself at our house, which is a first in a very long time. Annie is at the Leadership Academy doing her thAng and I had to come back to let the dog out and eat. I gotta say, I was bored in about seven minutes. I know a lot of guys talk about how nice it is to get away for a while, but I hate it. I just really like being with her.So I got on YouTube for awhile, played the guitar, ate, read blogs, and remembered we have a blog and here I am.

Speaking of YouTube, it's a pretty funny thing. Just yesterday we were at work looking up videos, honestly, for training purposes...smoke explosions to be exact. If you are interested, we can debate how this is different than a flashover, black fire, backdraft, and flame over. Anyways.
In little time, we went from those videos to stupid firefighter mishaps, which lead to car accidents, which lead to shark attacks, which lead to surfing accidents, which lead to drunk people, which lead to funny drunk stunts, which lead to college stunts,which lead to shooting bottle rockets out of your butt, which lead to the cinnamon challenge, which lead to vomiting, which lead back to training. If you ever just waste time on YouTube, you know exactly what I mean. It's a curse.
So I had to get out of there before I spent three hours looking at videos of russian cop fights, beat box contests, remixes of Crank That, and sports bloopers.

Also, I need to correct a post Annie put up. She stated recently that when Lacey was gone, she had to go to the gym BY HER SELF. I went to the gym AT 430 AM (AM) like two or three times. For the record.

What else do you blog about? Cooking?
Not very good. I need to cook tomorrow at work for my new crew for the first time and I'm nervous. I'm thinking wet burritos for lunch and bbq chicken for dinner.
I also attempted to make homemade ice cream for a little get together we had the other night and completly butchered it. I made everything correctly as far as ingredients and ratios go, but it never froze. Even after FIVE HOURS in the freezer, after 30 MINUTES of beating, after 50 MINUTES of churning in the automatic thing we have out back. Complete liquid. I also pushed the little speed control thing on the fancy KitchenAids thing we have and covered our counter in approx. 1.5 cups of whipping cream/milk/sugar/salt/vanilla extract/half and half.

Though I do have to admit I read a couple girly blogs, the Pioneer Woman (she's hilarious) and bye bye pie I'm going to regret having that on the internet.
Have a good night. Talk to you again in a year.



  1. It's nice to see your presence on the world wide web.
    I've also been to bye bye pie. See you in a MONTH, buddy!!!!!

  2. Dude. J-Money.

    Good to see you all up in the blogosphere. You forgot to list my blog when you were naming your favorites ... I hate it when I write a good post, and then no one comments, so here's one for ya:

    I dig Pioneer Woman and Bye Bye Pie too. So don't worry, it's cool.

    I'm also feelin' you on the whole YouTube thing. I think YT might be the devil. I could waste about ... um ... 7.45 years on there if I'm not careful. Don't ever look up Japanese game shows ... you won't tear yourself away till you're 80 yrs old.

    Let's go biking soon ... we just gotta pick a day.

    Word to your mom.

  3. I just about yelped when you said my blog! Wow! Thanks, Josh of JoshandAnnie!

  4. Hey There #1 S/I/L! You should blog more often, you a great blogger! Sorry about the ice cream, but I know they loved those wet burritos! Yum Yum M/I/L PLM

  5. Hey Annie, I think I've got the most comments on a post. Ha! Love you!