Monday, September 15, 2008

weekend project

Ok, here is the weekend project I worked on a few weeks ago. I started this project after I went to Hobby Lobby to get yarn for a little baby sweater. I grabbed my yarn and then decided to wander the store for some inspiration since Josh was at work. An hour later I left the store with two bags of goodies. OOPS! =) And I also told Josh he wouldn't be able to eat out for a few days.

So in my bag o' goods I had the following: 2 skeins of yarn (for above mentioned sweater), 2 cans of spray paint, 4 wooden letters, sewing machine thread for hemming my pants. I think that was it although now I can't figure out why it took two bags to carry all that few items.

Anyway, I got home and told Josh I would be knitting all night because I did fully intend to do that but then I got trapped in this fun project.

The 4 letters I grabbed at HL were: E, V, L, and O.

What does that spell?


Our bed is that nice shiny bright red so I decided to first give the letters a coat of red spray. After that dried I had also grabbed some metallic copper spray paint and gave them a light dusting with that. Then I nailed a hole through each letter, 2 holes on the V and strung some leftover hemp string through the holes. I knotted the hemp on each side of the hole so that the letters wouldn't slide all over the place and because I'm anal about things being spaced just so. Then I tied two loops at the end of the string and hung those on the wall with some upholstery tacks. I never asked permission to put these things straight into the wall but I figure they leave smaller holes than nails so, who care? As it turns out the paint job looks almost orange which is fine by me. The end goal is to now surround the letters with pictures representing love—most likely wedding pictures and maybe some with friends but it's our bedroom so it seems kind of weird to hang pictures of friends on the wall across from the bed...if you catch my drift.

Here is the almost finished product.
My only question, is the V backwards? I couldn't figure out if it really mattered what side the thick side was on.


  1. yes. it's backwards.

    p.s. we have all kinds of photos of friends and family in our bedroom on our prayer wall ... right nest to the bed ... if you catch my drift! (including a photo of you guys)

  2. Yep it is - about the gymnastics unfortunately they won't let us on the trampoline =( But we do get to run around on the floor with Abigail and it's crazy how springy it is.

    PS - Love the pic of your dad with the boyz!

  3. cool project, but afraid it is backwards...hope to see you on Sunday for the dog party!

  4. i agree - backwards :) but it's cute!