Wednesday, December 10, 2008

have heart

We got to hear the heartbeat today. It is always so reassuring to get these reminders because I get so worried in between the doctor appointments that something is going to happen. And would you believe I didn't even ask what the heart rate was so there will be no guesses if this is a boy or a girl. We will find that out by ultrasound in January! Other than that, everything else looks good and the doctor said that Josh can help out with the delivery and hopefully will be able to "catch" the baby! Is there a better word than catch for this? I feel like saying catch means it is trying to get away. HA!
In other excitement, I just saw this today and think we will need one. Josh said he doesn't want a wimpy looking stroller, I think this will do it!
Have a good day!

1 comment:

  1. annie, that stroller kinda looks like a space ship. The stroller of the future :o) neat, i like it.