Monday, December 15, 2008


We are hooked.

We have seen the movie twice now and borrowed the book from a friend. After both racing through it we went to the store and bought Twilight and New Moon because we just wanted to read them again and again. Upon checking out at Barnes & Noble, the cashier said to me, "I took the liberty of including a gift receipt for both books."


Apparently young adults are not supposed to be devouring reading these books.

Also, we were trying to use cash this weekend so when we went to buy the books I used a big stack of one dollar bills and a few stacks of quarters to pay. And he still thought I needed a gift receipt?!



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  1. Twilight, huh? So my kids are into Goth flavored Romeo and Juliet types of stories? Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave...and I guess he could if he was a vampire also! HA!!

    Things are not actually quiet here in Baghdad, but they are quiet enough for Christmas Eve. I don't have the snow to contend with and am still comfortable wearing a short-sleeved shirt in the evenings, but there are other downfalls about the environment. However, for now, all is well and I plan to have a Merry Christmas, just not as merry as it normally has been.

    I hope you both enjoy tonight's activities at home with Mom and know that like the cardboard cut-out of me that you carry around for family events, I will be there in spirit.

    I love you "all" and wish you both and my tiny grandkid a very Merry Christmas. I guessing it will be a boy...or a girl...whatever, it will be spoiled rotten! Dad - soon to be Grandpa!