Monday, January 5, 2009

19 weeks + 1 day

Ok seriously did not think it would be this long between posts. Sorry pals!
Here is the latest and greatest. The bump is moving higher and getting more round (I think)! Also, had to take out the belly ring this weekend. The thing looked like it was about to rip out of my skin.Also, I sewed a bunch more diapers over Christmas break but I still have tons more to go. :) We find out Thursday if it is a boy or girl so stay tuned! Then we get to do the fun task of registering. Oh joy! :)
Also, haven't had any nausea for quite some time but just had a few random gags from the dog food smell. That is the only thing that has consistently made me gag but only a few times I actually lost it. TMI-I know!

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