Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We are long overdue on a post and I do have a few planned but I do not have the necessary pictures with me at this time so instead I will post some of the pictures that I *do* have here with me.
These are from the last ultrasound we had where we found out that little miss e is a girl. I am not going to share those pictures because I don't think you should show your parts for all the internets to see. But I will show you how this little princess is developing in other ways.
Perfect little spine.The cause of my current state of discomfort.
Blowing bubbles I presume. That is her leg raised to the left there.
Little Miss Owl-you can also see her little arms down at her side, let's hope she is already learning her manners in there and will keep her hands to herself like a good little girl.

Also, BGE's movement=much more frequent as of late. BGE's much more frequent movement=sore ribs, sore stomach, sore bladder that needs to be emptied every 20 minutes, and much interrupted sleep. This is just training for what is to come! :)

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hello sweet one. Gramma loves you. You certainly have tiny feet. I bet you will be a dancer some day. Keep tapping.