Thursday, June 18, 2009

what to do on maternity leave

While both Josh and I are off this month we had some projects that we both wanted to work on. The first one was completed by Josh and my dad and that was building a roof over our back patio. It is really nice to have a shady spot in our backyard now!
Second major project was some painting that Josh has been wanting to complete. The colors we have used are Gobi Desert by Behr and Asparagus by Behr. There is also a reddish-orange color but we made it based on another color so it doesn't have a name.
Here are some photos of what we have done with the paint!

Asparagus and the reddish-orange color.

Gobi Desert starts in the dining room and goes all the way through to the living room.


  1. Annie - she is amazing!! Congratulations to you both. I was just thinking about you and knew you were due soon so I googled and found your blog, yeh! The house looks beautiful! I'm so happy for you, you will be awesome parents.