Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giving Thanks #15

Today I am thankful for this reminder from Oswald Chambers', My Utmost for His Highest.

One of the hardest lessons to learn comes from our stubborn refusal to refrain from interfering in other people’s lives. It takes a long time to realize the danger of being an amateur providence, that is, interfering with God’s plan for others. You see someone suffering and say, “He will not suffer, and I will make sure that he doesn’t.” You put your hand right in front of God’s permissive will to stop it, and then God says, “What is that to you?” Is there stagnation in your spiritual life? Don’t allow it to continue, but get into God’s presence and find out the reason for it. You will possibly find it is because you have been interfering in the life of another— proposing things you had no right to propose, or advising when you had no right to advise. When you do have to give advice to another person, God will advise through you with the direct understanding of His Spirit. Your part is to maintain the right relationship with God so that His discernment can come through you continually for the purpose of blessing someone else.
A saint is never consciously a saint— a saint is consciously dependent on God. 

Are you looking for a jumping off point to get closer to and be consciously dependent on God? I highly recommend reading your Bible, even if it is just a verse a day and a daily reading such as My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. The daily entries in My Utmost also have a verse reference that you could study more in depth if you need help.
I find it is great for me to have something to 'chew' on throughout the day and these little reminders tend to come right when I need them.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. OH, what a great reminder. Me devo's asked me to love the person in front of me for 10 minutes. Even if they are the ones who annoy you! Then to pray, because if you are praying for them and love them.....LOL, God will do the rest. Love you dear one!