Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Harper - 10 months!

Harper was 10 months in December! Here are the highlights from month 9 to month 10!
-Went on first road trip, to Grandma and Grandpa Miller's house. Slept all night in the car while we drove 1300 miles!
-Shortly after we got there we found out you had three more teeth that came in. We didn't even know! Your Uncle Ryan was holding you and saw them, the fourth on top is still just below the surface and hasn't quite broken through.
-You got to meet some cousins and aunts and uncles that you had not yet met.
-Mastered moving from seated position to your belly and you army crawl everywhere.
-Started trying to repeat our words.
-Had your first Christmas. You tried to help Avy blow out the candles when we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

We can't believe you are almost 1 year old! In some ways it seems like just yesterday we were driving to the hospital to have you. In other ways it seems like you have been with us forever. We love you!

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