Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Handmade Christmas

I had a lot of fun making Christmas gifts this year. Thanks to Josh for making it possible for me to make so many things! He has sat through many a movie or TV show so that I can crochet or knit. And taken care of the girls so I can have time to sew. Not to mention his providing the funding for these projects!
So...way back when Josh and Avalyn went to Michigan for hunting season I stitched up 7 pillow covers out of some Ikea curtains that my sister gave me. I thought the metallic style fabric looked festive for the holiday season and it matched our current color scheme. I also made three owl pillows for Avalyn, Harper, and Grace (our niece) for Christmas gifts. There were some pajama pants for Avalyn and a dress for Harper - upcycled from some old t-shirts! I also sewed up a purse that I had cut out over 6 months ago. The purse took way too long to sew but it turned out pretty nice.
Those are all pictured here, Harper is wearing the dress and playing with the pillows.


I, with a little help from my mom, crocheted these toy airplanes for our nephew Kody and made this little learning mat to go with them. Idea came slightly from Ravelry and mostly from my own.
 We made this wall hanging for my in-laws for Christmas, it came with some super cute photos of their 3 grandkids that my brother-in-law took. Idea came from Pinterest but I could not find the original source.

There were also 2 crocheted angel ornaments that I know I photographed but the photos have seemed to disappear. I used this pattern. They were surprisingly easy to make and went really fast. 
I made a picture hanger for my parents using something similar to this and I never photographed it! I think that is all that I made. Oh wait, I finished a gift for myself too, the Honey Cowl! I better take photos of that today!

All in all it was a great Christmas. We felt like we were celebrating the whole month but it was great to have so much time to reflect on and praise the birth of Jesus.

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  1. Annie,
    We LOVE the gifts you made. Thank you so much.

    Love you,
    Linda and Bill