Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Guest Blogger, Beware, Guest Blogger

A special thank you to my mom who has so graciously provided text as a guest blogger. Josh and I have been so busy lately working on many projects and one very big one that this blog has sadly taken a backseat. We do have some very, very exciting updates to come soon!
Hello all you readers and friends of Josh and Annies’ blog. I am a guest blogger who does read this space from time to time and I have noticed a shortage of reading material. So, rather then message them I have offered to fill a bit of this blog with some thoughts of my own! I am not quite ready to create my own blog so I’ll just try out this one and see how I do.

The young Easterling’s have been very busy lately. For the past month they have been working on home improvements. We have been fortunate to have been included in some of those improvements. We, being parents of Annie, in-laws to Josh, and “puppy-Grands” to Charlie, (probably one of the sweetest Labs in the State of Colorado) are Gary and Pam.

The improvements I am talking about have been putting in new windows for a nice tight home. Gary shared that this process was about blood, sweat and tears! We arrived in CoSP on Monday afternoon and the work began. The men put in one window and rested. Well, it was late, nearly supper and the sun had gone down! You could just see the wheels turning as they discussed the next window, how they would improve on the process, what supplies they would need to run to the store for etc. Ah, men on a mission. Then off to sleep and dreams of saws, trim, hammers and some special yellow foam insulation.

Tuesday was a new day and after a trip to H.D. (closer than Lowes) the windows were being re-placed and the home was shaping up nicely. Along the way Josh had to rescue Gary by replacing the end of his thumb….okay placing a bandage over a nice little gash! (Although there was enough blood loss to make you think the thumb was gone) The sweat part came in the afternoon. Even though the weather was cool, men at work just get sweaty! By the end of the day, towards evening, after sunset, the final window was secured for the night. What was planned to take 2-3 days was completed in about one and a half. Mission accomplished. (ah, yes, they are both that kind of man….one mind, one mission, “get ‘er done”)

Now what do two men with time on their hands do? Well, the guys found a few nice little jobs to fill in the remaining time of our visit. Gary purchased new carpet for the other daughter’s house on Villa and on Thursday what was put in. Josh and Gary were the movers of the huge couch, up and back down the stairs. Also several outlets replaced there and the lawn raked and mowed. Later they started an electrical project of hanging new lights on the Easterling’s garage. They put their heads together and even opened a book to help get the lights to work in harmony. Never happened, and that had them stymied, but eventually with the help of “Bo” the job is now completed. I would like to add that as we flew home, Gary was still trying to think of why the lights didn’t work as wired.

And that is where the tears come in. Yes, it is hard to leave your family, get on the plane and fly home. So much was accomplished on this “work and witness” trip. We did some work, we not only witnessed family love but were a part of if, but realized that being a part of your adult children’s life is such a gift. No matter the distance.


  1. Great job, Mrs. M - I'm impressed that the home improvement projects came in sooner than scheduled - that never seems to happen around here! Love the pictures of the family as well.

  2. Hooray, Mom! No more Pesto Cream Sauce. :) Good job!