Sunday, November 30, 2008

snow dog

So this was yesterday—Charlie and her cute little scarf. My MIL, Linda, showed me this great idea and Charlie loved it.

And this is today, she loved it so much, the scarf is now missing. It is missing some pieces that ended up in her belly so it doesn't quite fit now! We WILL make another one because that scarf was just so adorable!

We have gotten a lot more snow today! And Josh is working so I am most definitely stuck at home NOT shoveling the driveway like he did this morning. Sorry dude, your work is now all covered with about 6 more inches of snow. Dad, can you come shovel the driveway? I'll make you chocolate chip cookies!!

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  1. Dad says, "I wish I could". Charlie is a beautiful little lady! She shouldn't eat her accessories though.