Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I harvested some tomatoes the other day...finally! I have been making pesto at least once a week because our basil is growing so well. We have lots of parsley so I guess we will probably freeze some of that to use through the winter. Our peppers are looking good too.
We have been talking about keeping a garden since we bought our house and finally this summer had a small 6x6 box that we built. We have quite a large area that we would eventually like to fill with box gardens and next summer is our goal to have that all ready to go. I was looking around on (big surprise here) pinterest again and found this yard full of gardens and chickens and immediately had a picture of our yard in my head. So we got out the grid paper and are plotting our boxes so we can get them all built this fall and winter and put in place. Then in the spring we will have a load of planter's mix delivered and get them all filled.
Here is what we hope to see next year in our yard...

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