Monday, September 12, 2011

Helper Tower

Josh built the helper tower last week and Avalyn has been loving it so far. She can climb in and out on her own with just a few days of practice. Here she is helping to clean up after spaghetti the other night. She even slides it over to the table and wants to stand and eat instead of sit in her chair.
Josh used this tutorial and it was very straightforward. We had to buy everything including screws and paint and it cost just $40 for us to build. Pretty good deal compared to this.



  1. So, I just found out about your blog, and I love it! I'll be able to keep up with the Easterling's better now! :) I'm sure you or Josh told me about it at some point, but my brain hasn't worked that well since having Kody. LOL! What a great idea on the tower - I'm going to show it to Stew so that we can think ahead about doing something like this for Kody when he's ready. Looking forward to making the brownies ...


  2. I Like AVY'S pretty smile! MomMom

  3. Lori-I had not told anyone about it until Josh shared a link on facebook! ;) So your brain is working just fine!