Friday, October 21, 2011

sick but eating well

We've been a bit under the weather this week and are starting to feel better.

I will have more words to share when we are back to full health!

Here are some of the recipes I have been cooking lately...

Caramel Corn for my small group.
Baked Oven Fries for my french fry loving toddler.
Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese for comfort. I added a few modifications but if you have never made your own mac & cheese, this is a great recipe to start with. I love being able to use whatever cheese I have on hand and usually a blend of a few kinds of cheese.
Oatmeal Cookies for my small group.
Biscuits for Biscuits and Gravy. I use 50/50 whole wheat and unbleached white flour for these and they turn out great.
Mint Brownies for dessert with family and leftovers served to small group. I use my brownie recipe with the whole wheat substitution.

Apparently sweets are my specialty. Actually we are trying to wait as long as we can before turning on the furnace and baking is a great way to warm up our chilly house in the morning!

I also made 2 more ear flap hats. I need to stop but it is a great stash buster and maybe eventually I will start selling them and then I can buy more yarn....


  1. Um, YUM from your MUM!
    Do you add the cinnamon to the carmel corn. On our way to the Island, we stopped at the popcorn store in Mackinaw City. Dad got a bag of cheese popcorn and a second one of carmel. I got Apple pie carmel. It reminded me of apple jacks! (3 small bags = on large bag of plain popcorn free)
    I LOVE that biscuit recipe! I have made them ahead and stored them in the fridge, very tasty!
    Now when you visit, I will put you to work in the kitchen! Love you Annie!

  2. I need to join your small group just for the yummy treat!

  3. I did not add the cinnamon this time but I think I will make it again and try it that way. Apple pie caramel sounds good! I made them the night before this last time and they were great!

  4. That would be awesome! :)