Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend update

Saturday was a lovely prelude to winter here in Colorado! Josh was working so the girls and I stayed in for the day. The wind was really blowing a lot so I didn't want to go out in it! Avalyn and I took one trip out to check on the chickens but it was so windy she did not even want to touch the snow. I made these sweet potato fries that I thought were pretty good. Avalyn was a little let down that they weren't really french fries but Harper liked them!

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Sunday we went to church and then took Avalyn to get her staples removed. She was sure that her "owie" was all gone now that they took the "stables" out. Both girls took naps and we read lots of books. Avalyn kept saying she wanted to, "read a couple books." Which turned into 10-15 books per sitting! She is getting to be a really great "reader". Although she can't read yet she can tell us the story to her favorite books, some of which include Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge, Put Me In The Zoo, Where the Wild Things Are and Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo.

It was a nice and relaxing weekend!

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