Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What would you pay?

I have been making these little baby/kid hats pretty quick and I know I could sell them. I have an etsy shop started, I have had it ready and waiting to be filled with products for months...hmmm...actually closer to a year now!
Anyway, I have a couple different styles I can make and I just love to give them to friends and family as gifts but I know people would buy them. I can do whatever color/weight people would want. I was thinking of selling them for $8-10.  Here's what they typically go for on Etsy...What do you think? What would you pay? Thanks!

Ear Flap Beanie with Flower
Plain Beanie with Snowflake clip on

Plain beanie with flowers, brimmed beanies with or without flowers and contrasting trim


  1. So cute Dearie! I think you should sell on etsy. Your prices are low, but if you want to sell, maybe underselling the competition is the way to go. I think some of etsy pricing is pretty high. You do GOOD work!

  2. I agree, you'd be selling low but $10 would be good. Depending on how long it takes & the little designs you add I would say $15 is ok too! (and I'm crazy cheap about stuff)

  3. Annie, I was looking at big store stuff and this type of hat with a fleece lining (and machine made) was selling for 14-16 bucks. I think you are right in the ballpark and being handmade and unique makes them doubly doable.

  4. I think yours are well-priced for being a new product. I also think you could sell a variety of clip-ons for solid color hats for $2-$3 each (a clip-on for every holiday, season, and animal (mythical or real)!). I bet those would go like hot cakes!!