Thursday, February 2, 2012

Avalyn - 32 Months

32 months? Did I add that all up correctly?
Avy, you are growing up so quick! You love to sing and dance, especially trying ballet moves. You are a great helper with Harper and you are doing so well with sharing.

You have been working on good behavior and have made some great improvements! We are still working on potty training, I know you will get it eventually! At this point it feels like a battle of the wills so we try not to pressure you with it too much.
You have quite a few books that you can "read" to us and you really do know them word for word. The same with your songs that you like to sing before bed. We are amazed at what you can remember.
You really like to Skype with Aunt Lacey in China and Grandma and Grandpa Miller in Michigan. You will ask many times each day to see if they are home on the "peeka".
You like going to the park and to the library. Lately you have been asking to go to church every day so I think you enjoy going to church too!

Today you got to eat a Thin Mint cookie and I know I saw you take one bite but then the cookie was girl! :) I hope you enjoyed it!


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  1. Hi Avalyn! Your mommy's right as you are growing into a big girl all too fast. I have to admit though, as much as mommy and daddy may not like it, I love the way you want grandpa to hold your hand, carry you around, and otherwise treat you like my little Avalyn. You will always be my little granddaughter and grandpa hopes to always be ready and able to hold your hand as we travel through life. Love you!
    Grandpa E