Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not ready for this!

I usually don't post things until much after they have happened but last night as we were fixing dinner Harper was exploring. She likes to sit in front of the refrigerator when we are getting things out, just like Avalyn did when she was Harper's age. She has recently figured out how to get drawers open so she had opened the bottom drawer and was pulling things out. As she was pulling out blocks of cheese and butter (and sunk her teeth into a stick of butter) we laughed that it would be so funny if she stood for the first time in the refrigerator. It was maybe 1 minute later that Harper started to try and pull herself up! Thankfully I had the camera right on the counter so I was able to grab a few quick shots while Josh and Avalyn stood guard in case she fell over! :)

This morning she pulled herself up on the side of the bathtub when she was waiting for her bath and then today she pulled herself up on Avy's helper tower a few times. Wow! I am sure it won't be long until she is standing in her crib wanting us to get her out.  She could hardly straighten her legs all the way at first but even today after I saw her do it again a few times her legs are getting stronger and she is able to support herself on her legs much better.


And now, if you know our dog here is proof that she really is calm most of the time and the girls do crawl all over her and she just lays there! Apparently she makes a pretty good prop to pull yourself up with too.


P.S. I promise, Harper does have (and wear) pants. It is just easier for her to get traction to move around on the hard floors when she doesn't wear pants or socks! :)


  1. Harper is getting her walking legs ready for the Valentine's Day dance! She may need those new walking shoes for her 1st birthday after all. You sure miss a lot when you blink around here...seems just last week she was starting to roll over.
    Grandpa E.

  2. Oh, what adventures wee one will find now! She is on the go!