Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Harper - 11 months!

Harpsy, as Avalyn loves to call you. Or Harpery. How she comes up with these things we will never know!
Harper, you are getting to be quite the talker. You love to make noise, and loud noise at that! You are sliding all over the place on your belly and are pulling yourself up to your knees. You got another new tooth so you are now at 4 on top and 4 on the bottom. Some of your favorite foods are crackers, oatmeal, applesauce, crackers, cheese, avocado, crackers, cheerios, crackers, cheerios....and you also like shredded chicken and peas.
Yes, we are still trying to get you on a more balanced diet with table foods but you know how to tell us when you don't want/like something. You throw it off your tray for the dog to eat and shake your head "no"!
You are doing better with being comfortable around new people and you have stayed in the nursery at church with no problems the past 3 weeks! YEAH!
You also enjoy going to story time with Avalyn and riding in the stroller at the park.

We recently moved Avalyn and Harper into the same room and after a few days of listening to 2 little sisters chatting through the monitor at nap time I think you are finally used to sleeping in the same room and are both getting much more sleep now.



  1. Oh Harpsy, Gramma LOVES you so much! You are so blessed dearie to have such loving and talented parents. Momma does good to keep us connected! I love to hear you laugh and clap those tiny little hands! We play "pat a cake" from Michigan to Colorado! Amazing sweetie! I am looking forward to seeing you this summer!

  2. Harper, grandpa loves the way you giggle and laugh when I tickle your neck and under your chin. You are such an important little person and are loved by many. You're a great sister to Avalyn and a wonderful cousin to Kody. We sure had fun playing at Cottonwood Park this week!
    Love you! Grandpa E