Friday, August 8, 2008


Today is a very repetitious day.


Last night we made smoothies for dinner and we put frozen green beans in them. You couldn't even taste the beans.

Tonight we will be going to an Olympic party hosted by these people. It should be fun. We are wearing togas. That will make it even more fun.

Josh has, in the last week, become a plumber and an electrician! He fixed some leaks over at Lacey's house and is in the process of replacing all the electric receptacles at our house. In case you have never tried to plug in a lamp or run the vacuum at our house only about 2 of the many outlets will actually hold a plug. The rest were like stretched out or something so Josh is working his way through the house replacing them all. Here's to happy vacuuming! J

And today we are having an Ice Cream Sundae party at work. Delish. It will be the perfect mid-afternoon snack. I'll skip my handful of pretzels and graham crackers today!

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