Sunday, August 3, 2008

my Sunday crafting

Well in keeping with my past few weekends I figured I should make some sort of craft this weekend while Josh is at work.
Last week I made this little wall hanging that basically a piece of scrapbook paper glued to a sheet of styrofoam to fill this empty space over our stove. It was ok but I wasn't totally into it and I didn't know the best way to keep the styrofoam on the wall so the next morning it was on the floor. I took that as an answer that I should not proceed with re-hanging the thing since I didn't really like it.

I wanted something a little brighter, more fun and useful. I didn't know what I would put there. I decided to go with something flammable. =)

So Josh is at work, I am bored and our house is 89 degrees (no joke, if you have A/C, invite us over please!) so I thought I would go wander BBB to see if I was missing any wonderful kitchen gadgets. Instead I found a 4-pack of cork board for 7.99 and a pack of 2-sided hanging tape for 3.99. I had some 20% off coupons too. As soon as I saw the cork board I knew what I wanted to do with it. Cork just screams kitchen. =)

So I purchased my items and off I went to Archiver's to see if there was some cooking-inspired paper...there was. But it was ugly. Well not ugly but not pretty enough to hang in my kitchen. So I found this paper that goes quite well with the curtains I made for the sliding door in the dining room. Not to mention how much I love the scrolly swirly things which I am pretty sure this guy invented for us.

So I used some rub-on letters and said, "What's Cooking?" and then glued on my paper to the cork board. After that I attached some raffia (used duct tape) and hooked some clips on it.

Now you see how functional this thing is????

Yes, I am a genius.
I hope Josh likes it!

Happy Cooking! If you can see those recipes you should try them.

One is for whole wheat pita pockets and the other is for chicken flavored dog biscuits. Both are a hit with the humans and dogs. =)

If we have you over for dinner in the future, be sure to check out the board, then you can steal my recipes!

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  1. You are a genius! I, your mother confirm to the whole wide world (www) that it is true! (BTW all my children are or will be someday!) You done real good girl! Picture me smiling at you and patting you on the head now.

  2. Annie, you are my hero and you're super smart!