Friday, August 29, 2008


Last weekend we celebrated our anniversary because this weekend we will be celebrating my birthday.

Well actually we will be going out for our traditional HOT WINGS dinner on our anniversary day but the main celebrating will be my b-day. We have done the hot wings thing each month on the last day to have some sort of celebration. Josh and I both LOVE wings and we try our best to not eat them throughout the month so that they are special on the last day. Usually it works out this way but sometimes we just can't resist and have to have them a few times.

Since we designated last weekend as the anniversary celebration Josh presented me with a very special surprise gift.

This fantastic ring that you see...he worked extra shifts at work and did some projects for his mom to save up his very own money to pay for this. I love it and I love his efforts to do something this special for me. I never thought I would have jewelery this nice let alone rings on each hand now and the necklace and earrings he bought for me in the past. He truly is such a gracious guy.

Isn't this ring amazing? It is *I think* 1 carat total weight on the diamonds and then has little sapphires in between the bands (as you can see). =)

I was trying to take the photos with my left hand so it's hard to get the full effect...

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