Monday, August 4, 2008

If it smells like funk it must be…


I forgot to apply deodorant today. Now onto my daily hygiene habits, I typically apply deodorant a few times each week but this summer and especially with exercising so much I have been sweating so much more. Actually who am I trying to kid here? I sweat a lot. Always. Always have and probably always will.

I recently switched to aluminum free deodorant and it is so nice. Only problem, I think it is not as strong. And you know sometimes if you forget to apply it one day you will be fine because there is enough stuck in your pores from the day before? Not so much with this stuff.

Sorry to all I have tried to stay away from today. It was nothing personal, just afraid you would smell me and think I was weird.

Bye, off to drive home and put on some deodorant.


1 comment:

  1. That's really weird because I forgot to put on deodorant yesterday too (and I rode my bike!). Maybe that's why I didn't notice the funk when I went by your desk.