Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wish List

In case you are planning to buy me a gift (or 2) in the next few months since I have some celebrations coming up I have decided to post my Wish List here for all to see. Well all 5 of you.

  1. This is the item I will be asking for whenever someone asks for a gift idea this year and for the next few years. I have always wanted Fiesta Dinnerware and now is the time. At Dillard's they carry the 5-piece place setting for $24. I want one of every color. Well seriously I don't care what colors I get, that is the joy of Fiesta Dinnerware! I would like to have 8 place settings in all though. And of course all the serving ware too. That would be nice. You can also find smoking deals at Ebay.
  2. The other item also falls under the home goods category. I need more color in my life!
  3. And of course I will always take cash or gift cards. Actually I will take those at any time of year, not just birthday or holiday celebrations.

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