Friday, August 1, 2008

my wonderful husb

So on Wednesday night I got home from work and when I opened the door there was a little trail of hershey kisses pointing me to the kitchen. I got to the kitchen and there was a little note taped to the refrigerator. Inside the refrigerator there was another note that said someone (not me) would be making dinner that night!
The note then directed me to the bedroom where I walked in and saw this beautiful outfit laid out on the bed. See exhibit A. =) Next a note directed me to another room where I found 2 great books, then another room where I found 2 new games, then another room where I found some de-stress mint body wash and foot soak along with a pumice stone. And last but certainly not least the final note directed me to find my flowers and I turned around and there was my love, holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, already arranged in a vase.
I have quite the guy here, I just have to say. The best part was that it was just something he wanted to do. It wasn't a necessarily special day for us but it showed how special I am to him. Ok that is the end of my sappy love story for today. =)
I really like this outfit that he got me, I am so impressed that he can pick out the clothes that I never seem to find and they fit like a glove. This is not the first time he's picked a winning outfit. I surely am blessed!
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  1. omg josh is sooooo sweet!!! I love him - i'm so glad you married him! Isn't it nice to have a man who likes to shop for clothes for his woman? xoxoxoxo