Friday, June 27, 2008


Well it is Friday and Josh is at work so I have few things of excitement tonight.

1. I made a new recipe for dinner and it was D-lish. The recipe is so simple. I like waffles and I also really enjoy breakfast for dinner but Josh prefers a lighter breakfast and does not care for breakfast for dinner so lately I have been eating breakfast for dinner and it is great fun! =) Also, got the waffle maker for Christmas in 07, first time using it tonight.

2. Knit Picks stash has arrived. Now usually when people post their excitement about a stash they have received like a billion skeins. For those of us on a limited budget my stash is comprised of a few great picks from the clearance page. =) I got some Swish DK to make a BSJ for Caleb who will be coming from Ethiopia and I think the colors will just look great on his skin. Then I got some Twist for myself. It is a lighter yarn so I was thinking I might make a dressy scarf. For when I get a nice dress coat to wear in the winter. =) Probably wouldn't look too good with my North Face soft shell.

Pictures of all...enjoy!

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  1. Yay for knit picks!!! Gotta have some stash. I have been on a yarn diet for a LOOOOOONG time... except for a skein here and there for a specific project.