Monday, June 23, 2008

We did it!

We had a very full weekend and it was quite enjoyable. Needless to say we slept very well because our time during the day was so full and busy.

  1. Report on the race: Josh did an amazing job, finishing at 25:35. He hasn't run since our last race on St. Patrick's Day. I hate it when people are just always in shape. I finished at 33:44, this is my personal best and also I did fulfill my goal, I ran the whole race!!! I probably could have finished it faster but I am still not a good judge of distance so I am never quite sure when to turn it on for the end! I was so pleased that I ran the whole thing and I was also quite surprised that my time was decent too!
  2. We helped some friends move this weekend and were filled with joy that we will not be moving any time soon and also that we didn't have to do any work to our house before we moved in. J I helped them paint a little bit last week and it seemed so stressful to have to do so much before you could move in.
  3. Charlie went to the dog park again. She did great. She is such a friendly little dog. I think she drank about a gallon of water while we were there because we got home and hosed her down in the back yard and she relieved herself at least 5 times in 30 minutes. Then she lay down to go to sleep because she was so tired and we had to leave so we put her in her kennel and thought she would sleep the whole time. We got home a few hours later and upon walking in the door I said, "What is that smell?" We sniffed all around the house and couldn't find anything strange. It was a smell I had never smelled before. So we said forget about it and went to let Charlie out of her kennel and what do we see? The bottom of the kennel is covered with a clear-ish liquid. J That is what the smell was. She had been laying in it so Josh grabbed a towel so that we could dry her paws and walk her straight outside to be hosed down again. Good thing he had that towel because you know what she did as soon as she stepped out of the kennel…started SHAKING all that clear-ish liquid right off! AAAAAH! Josh was pretty quick though and managed to wrap her up before she shook too much of it off. Then we realized just how wet she was so it was: march straight into the bath tub little lady, you are getting a real bath with soap!
  4. Josh also helped some friends with a framing project as they are working to finish their basement. He wanted to get some experience with this since we are preparing to put in a door where there is no door at our house in the next few weeks.
  5. Sunday we got groceries and got some great deals on food. We are trying to make the switch to organic foods without adding too much extra to our grocery bill so we have been doing the multi-store grocery outing and it has been going very well!

I think that gives you the highlights of our weekend! Hope yours was great too and that you also had some time to relax and reflect! We did!

ps-Guess who joined me at the gym this morning?? My beloved, Mr. Joshua himself! It was quite a treat to be driven to the gym at such an early hour and not have to watch my step for bad guys along the way!

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  1. Hooray! Good for you, Annie! I'm proud of you for running the race on Saturday! I can't wait to do the next one. Have I been replaced as the workout partner? :)