Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am still keeping up on my fitness routine. Lacey is out of town for 3 weeks so I am trying to talk Josh into going with me in the mornings. I think he is almost ready to give in. :) Running is becoming more fun each time.

A few weeks ago well probably more like a month or more I trimmed our rose bush quite a bit. I hoped I wouldn't kill it but it didn't have any buds on it at the time so I figured it would be fine. About half of the branches were dead and brown, mostly they were the bottom branches but some in the middle too. First of all, do you know how painful it is to trim a rose bush? I think the thorns get sharper as they dry out. So I had taken quite a bit out and after about 2 weeks I went to check on it to be sure I hadn't killed it. It was a lovely shade of bright green on the remaining branches and some little tiny buds were starting to appear. Yesterday I had to go by Lacey's house and I saw that her yellow roses had bloomed so I thought I better check mine when I get home. Sure enough, tons of dark pink roses have bloomed! It is beautiful! I think it is going to be in bloom for a while because there are tons more buds that are just appearing still too. I took quite a few photos so if you want to see more, click on one of the pictures and it will take you to the picasa album. After that I did a little photo shoot with Charlie. She still loves getting her picture taken. It is so bizarre! She saw me with the camera inside and immediately sat and looked at me. Then I took her outside and she started sprinting around the yard. There are quite a few funny pictures of her.

Here is the link for Charlie's photos. She is such a ham sometimes. She is getting pretty big. We are constantly loosening her collar because her neck is getting so thick.
From charlie


  1. WOW, Charlie you are getting to big to fast! Pretty soon you will be pulling Josh and Annie around the block on your own. Be a good pup and mind your manners. Love, G'Ma

  2. I love you, your rose bush, and your dog! ha ha ha.... a couple of years ago we were walking my friend's dog at the park and this drunk guy shouted out to us, "I like you, your boyfriend, AND your dog!"... okay maybe you had to be there. :)