Monday, June 30, 2008

Another day another dollar

Isn't that how the line goes?

So our weekend was good. We had planned to go on a bike ride on Saturday morning to ride some trails downtown. We had a coupon for a bagel place so of course my idea was to ride down there, eat breakfast, and then ride back home. Well, that is what we did! We made it there for brunch so I had a breakfast bagel and Josh had a sandwich and salad deal. All in all we thought we rode about 30-40 miles round trip but according to, we rode about 25 miles round trip. Not bad for my first ride of the season. Josh has been riding to work lately so he is in a little bit better shape than me on the biking skills right now. I would like to state for the record for all 5 of you that I did beat him on 1 hill.

And on Friday you saw my new yarn stash. I would like to share that I have now completed 50 rows of the BSJ for Caleb. I just went to town knitting that this weekend and I am quite pleased with the turnout so far. I am doing stripes and the pattern calls for them to be a little different than I would like so I'm just adjusting it as I go. I think it is going to be so cute. Also note, in the past I have been using just the cheap-o baby yarn I can get at Michael's or Jo-Ann's and this is the first one I have knit with a nicer (more expensive) yarn and it looks so much nicer. It is also easier to work with and the yarn is so soft and sweet. I think the baby is just going to love wearing it. I'm sizing it so he'll be able to wear it in the winter and on into the next Spring as a jacket if they want. I can't decide if I should add on a hood or knit a matching hat to go with it…

We also watched the movie Mama's Boy. It was actually pretty funny and Jeff Daniels just cracked me up. We laughed a lot at that movie. We also watched Fool's Gold a while back and that too was funny with a nice bit of action mixed in.

Sunday we went to church and then took it easy for most of the day.

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  1. Hello Dear Daughter & Son;
    I love the yarn, the waffle and of course Charlie! It is nice to read all you share about your lives together. We like breakfast for dinner too! Loveyou Mom