Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This week I have been on my own again. Josh is volunteering as a counselor at MDA Summer Camp. He has one boy that he is helping out for the week. I think he is having fun. They have been playing games, singing camp songs, fishing, and having camp fires. How could he not have fun with that? They also do other activities like skits, soccer and kickball (this is a true group effort), and camping.

When he told me the level of care that some of the kids require I hoped that this week gives the parents a nice break. I am thankful that there are organizations that help people and make life just a little bit easier.

So in Josh's absence, Charlie and I have been playing a lot of fetch, catching up on some fun knitting projects, and listening to lots of music as well as cleaning the house and doing laundry. We are also looking forward to Josh's return on Friday! This has been a slow week! J

I have still been keeping up on my workout plan and last weekend I made some time to run outside. It was a nice switch after running on the treadmill for so many weeks. Nothing quite compares to having the sun shine on your back and feeling the fresh air rush through your lungs as you run down the street. I am still trying to get that "I love running" feeling back but it is coming slower than I hoped. I am sure I will get there soon enough.

So Josh returns on Friday and then works a half shift on Saturday. I wonder if I should take him to the circus this weekend.


  1. what knitting projects have you been catching up on???? BSJ's????? :)

  2. I am getting ready for a BSJ and have been knitting dish rags! Have you tried the garterlac dish rag? It is so fun and easy.