Saturday, August 20, 2011


I thought it might be nice to share some photographs of us while babywearing. I realized I don't take as many pictures of Josh as he does of me. I need to work on that because I have many sweet memories of him wearing our girls and he still does wear them.
Avalyn, me, and Harper in the Moby, at home...I am guessing H was about 2 or 3 weeks here.

Avalyn at Story Hour, Harper in the Ergo with infant insert at 4 weeks

Avalyn in a pouch sling at a wedding, 8 weeks

Avalyn in the Moby at 3.5 months at the Colorado Balloon Classic

Avalyn in the pouch sling at 4 months in Chicago

Avalyn in the Moby at 4 months in Chicago

Josh wearing Avalyn at 5 months in his pouch sling at an apple orchard

Avalyn at 13 months in the Ergo, fishing at Rampart Reservoir

Avalyn sleeping in the Ergo at 10 months while hiking

Avalyn at 15 months, hiking and camping in the Kelty with Dad

Avalyn is hiding back there behind Josh in the Kelty, same trip as above.

Avalyn at 18 months in the Kelty, picking some corn with Josh

St. Patrick's Day parade and Harper is in the Moby but Avalyn is blocking the shot! Harper was 4 weeks.

Harper at 5 months in the Ergo at the zoo

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