Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Girls!

Last week I had my first real day out since Harper was born. I have had short jaunts out by myself but have never taken off for a whole day so I was well overdue for this! My sister is moving to China in a few days so we went out for brunch and then went to IKEA and shopped around for a bit. We also went to see The Help the next day. We had a great time together and it will be a very special memory to hold on to through the next year while she is living away from us!
While we were out having fun Josh took the girls to the zoo and they had a great time!

Here is Harper looking so big in the stroller at the zoo.

Avalyn got a big girl bed last week and she is sleeping so much better at night! Josh did a great job building the bed too. He is such a talented guy, I am surely blessed to have him as my husband and dad to our sweet girls.

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