Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harper is 6 Months Old!

Harper, you are now 6 months old!
You are such a sweet baby. You are very social and love sharing your smile with people, except for me and the camera! You have really found your voice in the past few weeks and love making noise. You are trying some of the foods we are eating (bell peppers slices, avocado slices, spaghetti, garlic bread, nectarine slices, oatmeal, cucumbers, green beans, and pesto rotini). You have 1 tooth on the bottom that has broken through and a corner of the tooth next to it has popped out too!
You are rolling everywhere and sometimes even scoot on your belly. Nothing is out of your reach now! You love to sit up on your own and are starting to move from sitting to your belly on your own so that you can roll around the room!
You are taking 2-3 naps each day and sleeping about 11 hours at night with just one wake up in the middle.
You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and have already grown out of 2 stages of cloth diapers! You love your daddy and you light up when he enters the room.
Bath time might be your favorite time of day. You giggle and squeal and practically jump out of our arms into the tub!
We love you sweet Harper girl and we are so thankful that God blessed us with you!
Avalyn showing Harper a new book

Trying to get Harper to smile

Love those rings

And if the rings get taken away you use your fingers


  1. Your rolls
    You smell like butter
    The smile I see from you, Avy, and your Mama is the highlight of coming home from work
    You love Charlie
    You squeals are music
    You like when I play guitar
    The way you look at you Mama melts me
    Avy loves holding your hand, especially when we pray for you
    We pray over you girls every single day


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